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Innovation Award & Digital Mobility Award – 2 solutions deployed by Flowbird, world leader in urban mobility

On Wednesday, December 8, 2021, during the Mobility Awards organized by Ville Rail et Transports in France, Amiens Métropole was awarded the Innovation Prize for the implementation of the SESAME Open Payment solution and Monaco won the Digital Mobility Prize for MonaPass. SESAME and MonaPass are two solutions designed and deployed by Flowbird, the world leader in urban mobility, which defends the vision of the smart city and proposes to deploy optimized solutions to meet the problems of each territory and participate in a simpler, multimodal and ecological urban mobility.

SESAME, the Open Payment solution deployed in Amiens

Since August 2020, Amiens Métropole has been offering users the SESAME Open Payment solution developed by Flowbird in the city’s public transport system. It allows them to use their contactless bank card and/or their smartphone as both a means of payment and a ticket. This is a French first that offers users the possibility to pay the right price thanks to monthly fare optimization, simplifies the travel experience and makes it possible to respect barrier-free gestures.

With SESAME, Flowbird has the best tool to support communities in their energy transition. Extremely easy to use, SESAME reconciles users with public transport. It supports multimodality and reduces car use. This Open Payment solution also reduces operational costs, fraud and increases ridership. Already selected in 12 cities around the world, the SESAME solution has great prospects in France, with upcoming deployments in Avignon, Clermont-Ferrand, Angers and Toulouse by 2023. Internationally, the solution is currently being installed in Laval, Quebec and also in Northern Ireland. It is scheduled to be deployed in Perth, Australia in 2023.

MonaPass, the “Mobility as a Service” application for transport users in the Principality of Monaco

As part of its Extended Monaco program, the Principality launched the MonaPass mobile application in spring 2021, developed entirely by Flowbird. An all-in-one application for smartphones, MonaPass features an integrated payment system for all Monegasque means of transport: buses from the Compagnie des Autobus network, “MonaBike” electrically assisted bicycles and even on-street parking. Cards, subscriptions and payment methods are integrated into a single application that also provides real-time traffic information: bus schedules, number of bicycles and available spaces, etc.

This free application allows users to organize and pay for their trips via a single ticket, a pass or a bus or bike subscription according to their needs in a simple and secure manner. Thanks to MaaS, users can combine all possible modes of travel via their mobile application: for example, they can park their vehicle in the city and then use other modes of public transport such as the bus or bicycle. In addition to improving the mobility experience of users, MonaPass thus promotes the development of a soft and more ecological mobility, in line with the objective set by the Prince’s Government to reduce light vehicle traffic by 20% by 2030.


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