Podcast: the rise of open payments in transport

In this latest Flowbird ‘Let’s Talk About Transport’ podcast, Andrea Soehnchen from UITP – the International Association of Public Transport – talks about the rise of Open Payments in transit environments.

Andrea, who manages the UITP Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum, assesses how the pandemic focused attention on contactless technologies – and explores the value of this payment system to operators and passengers in Account Based Ticketing schemes. At the same time, she believes that stored value smart cards will remain valuable assets for certain passenger groups alongside cEMV bank cards and smart phones for the foreseeable future.

In this podcast we examine the barriers that can exist for operators in transitioning to an Open Payments system, the critical importance of data ownership and governance, and how Open Payments solutions, such as Sesame from Flowbird, can be both an enabler for Mobility as a Service and a nudge mechanism for modal shift to more sustainable transport.


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