Flowbird envisions the transport ticket of tomorrow

What will the future of transport ticketing look like? Flowbird’s Group Product Manager of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Solutions, Frédéric Laithier, was among a team challenged to design its vision during a hackathon, which took place during the Forum of the Innovation Agency for Transport (AIT) in Paris last week.

The brief for hackathon entrants, announced by Clément Beaune, Minister in charge of transport, in November last year, was to create a single ticket that enables simplified access to multimodal transport across all networks in France. Mr. Beaune said the best ideas to emerge from the contest would be awarded and developed afterwards, in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport in France.

With the energy and climate crises increasing the pressure to make sustainable travel easier, the motive behind the hackathon was to create an environment for collaboration and design thinking. Teams brought together students, entrepreneurs and representatives from transport, mobility, government and technology to compete in a two-day ‘design marathon’.

The AIT set up an amazing space and conditions to stimulate innovation and teamwork. Frédéric and his team responded to the brief with the LEM Pass – named to represent the values of Liberty, Equality and Mobility. It was designed to be a pay-as-you-go ticket, which is associated with a card and also a multimodal application. This is familiar territory for Frédéric who has been a driving force behind Flowbird’s white-label Mobility-as-a-Service app.

A jury of experts, chaired by Clément Beaune, evaluated the proposals of ten teams. We are happy to report that the jury was convinced by the simplicity and the adaptability of the LEM Pass solution, and it was one of the two solutions awarded.

Frédéric said, “The hackathon was an amazing opportunity to work together with transport operators and authorities as well as other suppliers to the industry. Our team came up with the LEM Pass, which could have a positive impact on simplifying the passenger experience, enabling MaaS and giving tools to the territories to apply their mobility policies. I’m looking forward to developing it with the support of the Ministry of Transport.”

Congratulations to Frédéric and his team mates. We can’t wait to see the LEM Pass concept come to life!


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