Podcast: exploring MaaS technology

In our first podcast, Aurelien Cottet, a Director of the MaaS Alliance, talks about the need to think beyond silos to fulfil the full potential of Mobility-as-a-Service.

He discusses….

  • The acceleration of digitalisation after the pandemic and the role of new generation ticketing in MaaS
  • How MaaS isn’t so much a technical challenge… more a question of governance and trust
  • The need for connectivity between multiple MaaS models – rural, urban and capital MaaS
  • How private cars need to be part of any MaaS solution
  • The need to educate and incentivise consumer behaviour, without excluding any part of society
  • Horizon scanning – where will MaaS be in five years and what will the business model look like?
  • Future innovations, including a Micro-MaaS concept


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