International Spotlight falls on MaaS in Monaco

Flowbird’s deployment of a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution for Monaco has been recognised at an international awards event.

The Monapass scheme, developed in partnership with the ‘Extended Monaco’ digital transformation initiative, received global recognition as a finalist in the Best MaaS Initiative category of the prestigious Transport Ticketing Awards.

MaaS is seen as key to Monaco’s environmental commitment to reduce light vehicle traffic by 20% by 2030. As part of this agenda, the Principality worked with Flowbird to deploy a new mobility application for residents, tourists, and commuters.  

An Integrated Solution

In 2020, there were 7 million bus trips in Monaco, 285,000 parking sessions and 342,000 MonaBike bike shares. Now all these services are available through Monapass – an all-in-one application hosted by the Flowbird Mobility Hub combining journey planning and integrated ticketing and payment for:  

  • CAM buses
  • ‘MonaBike’ electric bikes
  • On-street parking

Monapass is free, with single sign-on via Apple, Facebook and Google or via email account. Users can access bus, bike, and on-street parking services and synchronise any existing transport entitlements within the app. Uniquely, Monapass includes parking within the mobility solution, including offering remote session top-ups. 

“Together, Extended Monaco and Flowbird are reinventing mobility to encourage greener transport networks, join up multimodal services and improve quality of life,” said Frederic Laithier, MaaS Product Manager. “It is one of very few cities in the world offering a holistic approach to mobility – and there are plans to go further.”

Monapass will integrate car sharing later this year, with other third-party services such as water buses, gondola lifts, event ticketing and sports and leisure facilities also under consideration.  This will provide frictionless access to a growing range of services for consumers, offer efficiency benefits for operators and create better mobility system insights for authorities.

The Monapass App

Monapass makes it easier for people to use their cars less, adopt greener modes of travel and improve their overall quality of life by creating ‘a mobility system in their pocket’. 

Monapass integrates cards, subscriptions and payment methods into one application, and provides a range of features including real-time traffic information, bus timetables,  bicycle availability and locations, and parking options.  

It offers users:

  • One account
  • 3 mobility services: bus transport, on street parking, bike sharing
  • One payment means 
  • Real time information
  • Legacy account/product transfer to the new Maas platform


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