Flowbird unveils Off-Street Solution at IPMI 2022

August 4th, 2022

Company presents FlowbirdGO, a cloud-based off-street solution for gated and gateless facilities.

Moorestown, New Jersey – Flowbird North America, a leader in cloud-based mobility solutions, announced the release of its latest advancement in parking technology at the 2022 International Parking and Mobility Institute Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. FlowbirdGO is a dynamic off-street system giving operators the flexibility to manage parking in gated and ungated garages and lots. Visitors to Flowbird’s IPMI booth got a first-look at the system’s cloud-based functionality, easy-to-use hardware, and frictionless entry in action.

In gated parking scenarios, the FlowbirdGO system begins with a fully configurable touch-screen entry kiosk. As the driver approaches the parking facility, the gate arm is down and the entry terminal illuminates. The driver prints their QR code entry ticket and the gate arm opens for access to the facility. Alternatively, the FlowbirdGO system can be customized to accept phone numbers, credit cards, and permit access as an entry token.

Payment for parking stays can be made at Flowbird’s Pay-On-Foot machines or at an in-lane Flowbird exit kiosk. The QR code from the initial entry ticket is scanned and Flowbird’s cloud-based system calculates the amount owed. The Pay-On-Foot machine can be configured to accept various forms of payment including magstripe, chip, NFC, coins, and bills. In-lane payments can be made by card or NFC payment. The Flowbird mobile parking app is also a key payment method in the FlowbirdGO eco-system.

Once payment is confirmed by the Pay-On-Foot machine, a QR code receipt is printed and scanned at exit to raise the gate. If payment is done in-lane, the gate will raise automatically following the successful transaction.

FlowbirdGO can also be configured for gateless parking facilities, allowing for frictionless entry and exit. Seamlessly integrating with 3rd party LPR cameras, drivers can freely enter and exit the facility while their license plate number is recorded by the FlowbirdGO system. The solution can accommodate pre-payment or post-payment, prior to leaving the facility, as well as mailed invoices if the user does not pay on-site.

The system’s open technology platform allows for an array of possibilities that are customized to individual parking facilities. FlowbirdGO offers real-time digital parking validation solutions to keep customers coming back to the local business community. For frequent visitors, the system offers a complete permitting solution that can include proximity cards or an RFID system to help manage monthly parkers. Intercom systems are available around-the-clock to quickly service customers while in-lane.

Built with advanced technology integrations, the FlowbirdGO system offers unique insights into clients’ parking facilities, delivering a simple yet dynamic solution with enhanced results. FlowbirdGO is a fully cloud-based solution, meaning there is no need for an on-site server, saving both time and unnecessary costs. All payment transactions are stored in a secure, PCI compliant location.

The power behind FlowbirdGO is in its advanced, yet intuitive, management system, offering real-time equipment health reporting, advanced analytics, third-party integration, and remote rate and message changes. The Business-Intelligence (BI) system generates reports with precision, providing detailed summaries of facility activity, financial information, statistical reports linked to operational performance, occupancy levels, distribution of payment methods, and more.

For clients utilizing Flowbird’s on-street parking solutions, adding the FlowbirdGO system will greatly enhance operational efficiency by bringing together all on and off-street data into one powerful system.

“We have built the FlowbirdGO system from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s off-street parking operations,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America. “The key aspects for us were to make the system flexible and cost effective to give cities, universities and parking operators a solution that can be customized, integrate with 3rd party systems, and meet their day to day operational needs.”

To request more information about the FlowbirdGO system, contact Flowbird at us-info@flowbird.group.


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