Passenger apps: Take 5 operator benefits

Transforming travel with passenger apps

By simplifying access to journey planning, ticketing and real time information, mobile apps for transport transform the passenger experience and motivate ridership. For operators, they open up a rich customer communication channel, and a platform for new revenue opportunities.

So, it’s no surprise that millions of public transport journeys every day are fulfilled through passenger apps, and this number is accelerating fast. 

Meeting operator and passenger needs

At Flowbird, our native and white-label apps for parking, transport and Mobility-as-a-Service have attracted more than seven million users worldwide.

Each app project is unique, tailored to support the specific mobility strategy of the authority or operator, and to meet the needs of their customers.

passenger validates QR code ticket on Monapass app to board a bus in Monaco
A passenger validates an m-ticket stored on the Monapass app to board a bus in Monaco.

Here’s why the passenger app revolution is taking off…

1. Simpler access to transport

Passenger apps enable operators to enhance customer experience by making transport easier to access than ever before, and providing transparency that ‘demystifies’ digital transport payments and fare capping. Value-added features are bundled within one easy-to-use digital application. Customers can search for journeys, pay for fares securely, track real-time travel information, store their tickets within the app for multi-leg journeys, and validate secure m-tickets when travelling. For complete clarity on their travelling expenses, they can view transaction and payment histories.

2. Scalable & future-proof

Transport apps are infinitely adaptable. Flowbird’s white-label apps, for instance, offer operators the chance to fully customise the look and feel of the interface, integrating services as needed. These could include journey planning; m-ticketing; ID-linked passes, concessions and discount; and real time travel information. Our multi-tenanted platform means that any integrations carried out become available to all onboarded authorities and operators, reducing development time and expense. Apps can be developed to facilitate transport ticketing and more, such as on- and off-street parking, EV-charging, micro-mobility and ticketing for events and attractions – with all services available within a single, digital marketplace.

3. Rich operational data

Passenger apps provide operators with valuable data to optimise network performance. For example, a real-time picture of customer behaviour by route and time of day can guide scheduling, helping to improve timetable adherence and reduce congestion. It can inform the design of travel products that incentivise ridership outside of peak periods, or that encourage park and ride journeys, which start with a car and then continue with public transport or shared mobility.

4. Better customer communication

One significant app benefit for both operators and passengers is the potential for personalised customer communication. For those who opt-in to get push notifications, it’s possible to receive helpful, real-time updates on running times, service interruptions, and alternative routes. Notifications can support passengers to maximise the value of fare capping, by for example prompting them to “make one more journey, then free travel for the rest of the week!”. Passengers requiring additional support to use transport networks can also be informed about how to make their journeys easier and more comfortable.

5. Driving behaviour change

Making transport planning, ticketing and payments simpler and easier to access through a single sign-on app creates a foundation for ridership and revenue growth. Operators can bundle services within the app to increase awareness and use of sustainable transport and mobility services, helping to turn motorists into public transport users. Flowbird’s Monapass app, used in Monaco, is a great example. It integrates public and active transport with local leisure and tourist packages – all paid for and ticketed through one app. It provides the Principality with a tool to incentivise less car use and reach its target to  reduce light vehicle traffic by 20% by 2030.

Find out more about the The Principality of Monaco’s Monapass app, powered by Flowbird.


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