Amiens (France) is latest to adopt Flowbird Open Payments for multimodal public transport

Amiens, a major city in France, is the latest to benefit from Flowbird’s expertise in contactless Open Payments technology for public transport.

Amiens Métropole selected Flowbird to deliver its comprehensive quick deployment Open Payments system, working in partnership with Keolis Amiens to deploy the Flowbird solution alongside its legacy ticketing system.

For passengers, the Open Payments system means easier, faster and more streamlined access to transport services…with the promise of a best fare guaranteed. For operators, introducing a cashless system reduces operational costs and improves financial security.

Flowbird’s Open Payments expertise provides a pathway for operators for creating frictionless travel through the digital transformation of their legacy ticketing systems, whilst meeting the needs of increasingly tech-savvy populations for easy and secure payment methods.

The launch in Amiens has been enabled through Flowbird’s CloudFare platform, which manages the Open Payments system, controls network assets, and offers advanced data analytics and reporting.

Open Payments by Flowbird, an innovative solution

Developing and streamlining public transport is essential for communities. Simplifying access to transport networks and enhancing the security of data are key objectives for policy makers.

By offering packaged solutions capable of adapting to these diverse needs, Flowbird technology can be applied flexibly on any mode of transport or network, whether that’s an Open Payments module for integration with third party ticketing systems, a dedicated turnkey Open Payments solution with validators, or a complete Flowbird solution incorporating advanced ticketing technologies.

“By offering these three solutions options, we can provide a modular approach for operators and authorities to meet their specific requirements. This technology can also create a pathway to Mobility as a Service – a transaction process that can start with a ‘tap’ for parking, continue with a public transport journey and end with a bike rental,” said François Mottet, Head of Product Strategy at Flowbird.

“In addition, our solutions integrate with all major card networks – Carte Bancaire (CB), Visa and Mastercard – for full compatibility with available payment methods. Open Payments is increasingly an essential part of improving the travel experience for citizens and efficiency for operators.”