Tisséo, Flowbird and CIC deploy Open Payment in Toulouse

With an exceptional demographic and economic dynamic, Tisséo Collectivités, the transport organizing authority of the greater Toulouse area, continues to anticipate the mobility challenges in the Toulouse metropolis. Composed of 2 metro lines, 2 tramway lines and 135 bus lines, the Tisséo network allows Toulouse to serve nearly 108 cities and more than one million inhabitants.

With more than 122 million tickets validated in 2020, Tisséo is perfectly adapting its offer, and is maintaining its position as one of the most frequented French networks.

Last June, Tisséo Collectivités chose Sésame, Flowbird’s Open Payment solution, in order to offer a more fluid, practical and economical travel experience to its users. After an experimental phase on the Airport Shuttle in 2022, Open Payment will be deployed on the entire Tisséo network from 2023.

Free up mobility 

No more need to go to a ticket office, to a ticket machine or to the driver to buy a ticket. Sesame allows users, without being a subscriber, to travel legally on public transport by using the contactless function of their bank card or by using their smartphone on the validators installed on board buses.

A fairer and more flexible dynamic pricing system

With Flowbird, the rates billed to users are updated daily and are now automatically adapted to their consumption, at the right price and according to their trips. Flowbird is the only service provider in France to offer fare optimization, which can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Tisséo is thus able to combine economic and mobility issues: a real advantage at a time when the widespread use of telecommuting is calling into question the relevance of subscriptions.

A solution that respects the barrier gestures

Open Payment enables the application of health regulations in an often constrained environment. This reassures users.

Supporting the ecological transition

Very easy to use, Open Payment reconciles users with public transport and supports multimodality, a lever of the territory’s ecological transition policy.

For Daniel Baal, Director General of the CIC: “We are pleased to support the Tisséo network by deploying, in conjunction with Flowbird, this innovative and comprehensive payment solution for all public transport users in the Toulouse metropolitan area. This innovation is all the more important as it contributes to simplifying their daily life and reinforcing the attractiveness of sustainable transport modes.”


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